How To Easily Create Quality Business Videos Using Smartphones

At 90% less cost and time, using a simple repeatable process that anyone can do

INhouse Program Overview

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome - Start here

    • How long will a video take to create?

    • Start to Finish Video Production Checklist

  • 2

    Pre - Production

    • How to prepare for what to say - Scripting (Part 1)

    • How to prepare for what to say - Scripting (Part 2)

    • How to structure a video for best engagement

    • Simple checklist to get started creating a video

    • What are the different types of videos you can create with a smartphone

    • What is B-Roll & how to use it in a video

    • What makes a great video & how long should it be

  • 3


    • Best place to shoot a video in your office

    • Explaining 1080p & 4K

    • How many takes to take & how to direct a person

    • How to film an interview without a tripod

    • How to frame someone for an interview

    • How to have confidence on camera

    • How to hold a smartphone when recording

    • How to set the video settings on your iPhone

    • How to use the iPhone camera app to adjust focus and exposure

    • Smartphone video production gear kit

    • Step-by-Step recording video on your own - YouTube style

    • What is the difference between cameras F and B

    • Why not to use zoom when recording

  • 4

    Production - Creating B-Roll

    • Capturing wide medium & close-up shoots of people talking

    • Filming someone working on a laptop

    • Filming two people having a conversation

    • Filming two people walking

    • How to take a video of an open space - how to pan

    • How to video someone using an app

  • 5

    Post - Production Overview

    • Editing process using a professional freelancer

    • Explaining the DIY editing process - Part 1

    • Explaining the DIY editing process - Part 2

    • How much does it cost working with freelancer and agencies

  • 6

    Post - Production Practical

    • DIY Basic Editing Part 1

    • DIY Basic Editing Techniques - Part 2

    • DIY Basic Editing Techniques - Part 3

    • How to hire freelance editors - Part 1

    • How to hire freelance editors - Part 2

    • How to title your video for the highest open rates

    • Planning out the edits - Keywording - Part 1

    • Planning out the edits - Keywording - Part 2

    • Providing and collecting feedback on video edits

    • Rough cutting - Bringing the clips together

    • Sample video "The Typewriter"

    • Transferring organizing - Getting ready for edits

  • 7

    Live Video Production Example

    • Live Case Study - Content - Part 1

    • Live Case Study - Content - Part 2

    • Live Video Recording & Directing

  • 8

    Supporting Material

    • Smartphone Video - How-To Production Full Guide - INhouse Video

    • Video Content Template - INhouse Video

    • Tips for creating great video content - INhouse Video

    • Email Template asking a person to be on video - INhouse Video

    • Smartphone Gear Kit - INhouse Video

    • Simple Video Production Check - INhouse Video

    • Email Template - Send out before the recording of a video - INhouse Video

    • How to direct a person on video - INhouse Video

    • B-Roll Best Practices - INhouse Video

    • Freelance Editor Description - INhouse Video

    • E-Book - Business Video Production Hacks - How To Think Like A Youtber by Peter Matejcek


DYI Editing techniques for non-video professionals.

  • How to do quick edits and understand what Youtuber focus on get videos done quickly.

  • How to use simple inexpensive online editing tools to quickly edit and get your video up and running


From Our Clients



“This process is very simple, fast and creates quality video content that is vital in making on-demand learning more impactful. It can all be done remotely and using smartphones. ”

Suzanne Quinn - Dynamics 365 Readiness Lead - Microsoft

“Understanding the Why is important to everybody here at Microsoft. Creating video content like this, allows me to help our teams understand the Why and How to present the information to our customers. And for me personally, it stops my inbox from overflowing with repetitive questions. ”

Ben Vollmer - Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director - Microsoft

“The process is simple and easy for all parties!”

Shannon Kato - Global Manager, Sales Readiness - LinkedIN

“I needed video on a regular basis, fast and at a low cost. After signing up with INhouse we are now churning out fully polished videos, with branding, calls to action, and transcriptions in 5 days... Awesome!”

Lori Cheshire, Marketing Manager, Zero2Ten

“If you are looking to expand your content video has to be top of the category. INhouse is great to work with, they were able to bring the cost of video down for us, and we are able to crank out videos all day long. ”

Jim Sheehan, SVP PowerObjects

“Content is King. The most powerful form of content is video. INhouse has been teaching my clients to create rich meaningful content and video, in-house, inexpensively, quickly and simply. The result - this content is driving a tremendous increase in traffic and conversions. ”

Mark Stuyt, CEO Neural Impact

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